Born in 1970 in Venice, he began his studies while still very young.
By the age of 19 he was already a guitar teacher at the musical school J.S.Bach and at the same time he attended the DAMS musical specialization at University in Bologna and he studied guitar, theory and solfeggio with teachers of the Venice Conservatory.
He taught for the A.f.a. Musical Institute in Marcon (VE) and
Semicroma di Mestre (VE) as well.

In 1994 he moved to Los Angeles, where he studied with some of the most famous musicians of the time: J.Diorio, C.Shroeder, S.Henderson and he graduated from the Musician Institute in 1995.

He returned to Italy and taught at the Fancelli/Boschello Musical School in Mirano (VE) and he was called to be an external teacher for the Lizard School of Fiesole (FI).

At the same time he continued with the concert activity all over Europe  with “Elvis & Wheels of fortune“, playing the music of Elvis P.

With them he recorded “ today,tomorrow, for..Elvis” and sharing the stage with most ’60 and ’70 famous italian artist as: Bobby Solo, Nilla Pizzi, Wilma de Angelis, Little Tony, Mal all of them several times #1 on Italian music chart

Instead, with “Art decò” and with Massimiliano Donninelli he plays the Jazz classics and with “Schiamazzi Notturni” he revises Funk and Acid Jazz songs.

In 2000 he started the Majestic Recording Studio.
Up to now he has produced as a musician/producer/sound engineer more then 100 albums (almost 200 considering demo and self-production), working for the major European labels and collaborating with internationally famous artists.

In 2004 he started to play with “Charlie & Superbadnews”, playing J.Brown’s Funk and then again the Blues classics with “the Matchless”.

In 2005 he was on tour with the singer Antonietta Torsello and “The Wish” project where he accompanied the vocal band “Take 6” ( 10 grammy award winner )

As a musician you can have seen him in the most prestigious Italian theatres as: S.Cecilia Rome, Olympic theatre Vicenza, Reggio Parma, Castelbrando,Trento theatre, Toniolo thr in Mestre,Castelfranco thr or  in the central city square of Padua, Campobasso, Venice, Mestre, Vicenza, Bassano, in the prestigious Hotels or Casino of Venice, Abano, Jesolo, Kranjsca Gora, Lipica, Portorose, Lugano or in hundreds of clubs in Italy as well.

In 2009 he founded “Wharthey”, where he can express his passion for the Nu-Jazz both as guitarist and as composer/producer.
In 2010 their first CD “Striken the fries that’s a vos” appeared for the label Godown records.

At this moment He is living in USA collaborating with Mr. Barry Orms for Patty Austin entr. ( grammy award winner as best jazz singer )


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